Work From Home Setup Under $250

Ok, perhaps this one is ambitious. But hear me out. With the latest advances in technology as well as the abundance of the internet and resources like Amazon, you can get a lot for very little nowadays. Perhaps your budget is a little tight at the moment. You moved into a new place and you only have a mattress. Your job is starting soon and you need the cheapest desk setup possible ASAP. Fear not, for here are some of the cheapest (but not horrible) pieces for your WFH setup.

Desk – $89.99

The Halter Portable Simple Metal & Wood Desk is your go to when it comes to getting a desk set up ASAP. The desk combines all the fundamentals of what you might want from a rudimentary piece of WFH furniture – it is minimalistic, made out of standard materials in a way that is pleasing to the eye and has plenty of space to set up a monitor and other WFH goodies. Additionally, the modular design allows you to easily disassemble the desk and transport it, should the need ever come up. Additionally, a wooden top makes it easy to screw in wire management underneath the desk to improve the aesthetic look of your setup and ensure that nobody is tripping over cables when they walk past your setup. Last but not least, the desk looks to be more than a $90 desk from Amazon. It walks a fine line between an IKEA piece and something that might have come out of a custom furniture shop with the industrial look of the metal legs and wooden top.

Total: $89.99

Monitor – $99.99

Great, we have a desk, but what do we put on the desk? Well, let’s start with a monitor. For the purpose of this article we’re assuming that you just need extra screen space, not a high tech monitor with a wide array of functionality. So, let’s just stick to the basics and go with the ASUS VE228H 21.5″. The monitor is HD, it has an HDMI port and it gives you a modest, but reasonable 21.5 inches worth of screen space which will definitely come in handy the moment you need to have more than one open tab. Additionally, the monitor is LED, ensuring that you’re not stuck with an absolute dinosaur. Finally, as a cherry on top for your budget desk setup for WFH, the monitor is vesa mount compatible, meaning that if you ever decide to do so, you have the option of mounting it on a movable arm or even on the wall to win back as much of that desk space as possible.

Total: $189.98

Keyboard and Mouse – $44.69

Now, just to keep your setup in one order from Amazon (and no, we’re not sponsored by them, nor do we have affiliate links!), let’s talk about the AmazonBasics Mouse and Keyboard Combo. Granted, the conversation is going to be pretty short. The mouse and keyboard combo is fully wireless, allowing you to have some freedom on your desk, having no need to clutter things up with wires. You’re able to move around and (if you really feel like it) not be constrained by your desk, if you, say, fancy taking your keyboard and mouse to your couch or bed and continuing work from there. All in all, this is a very basic set of a mouse and keyboard that will work nicely with any setup and allow you to get started without breaking your bank.

Total: 234.67


Now, the total did not go up to $250, but we have to consider taxes and stop here. If, for some reason you don’t think we should include taxes as part of the price calculation in this case, you should consider about spending that whopping $15.33 you have remaining on things like a mousepad or a piece of decoration for your desk that will allow your setup to truly stand out. Additionally, some things you might want to consider looking at are chargers for your phone, extension cords, lights, stationary and anything else your heart desires. But for what it’s worth, the list of things assembled here should be enough to get you started.

Note: if you live in a large city, chances are your craigslist page is popping. You are almost certain to find a ton of awesome deals for desks and monitors in your area and you should definitely take advantage of that. Frankly, a short walk around the block in NYC will most likely yield you a variety of used free furniture options to choose from just from the stuff that’s been tossed out onto the street. Remember, if you spend less in one area, your budget is suddenly able to accommodate more in other areas, such as a bigger monitor or a fancy keyboard. Be sure to look at all options, but if you’re time constrained and don’t want to bother about procurement, just click the links above and you will be on your way to a quick and easy desk setup.